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Q: WHAT STATE do the redsoxs play for.?
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Who has better hitters the Yankees or the redsoxs?


Did any of the Killer B's ever play for the Atlanta Braves?

No bagwell started in the redsoxs biggo and berkman started with astros and beltran started with kc

Did Babe Ruth play for the Redsoxs?

Yes, he did. He actually started off playing for the Red Sox until his owner traded him to the Yankees for money for a play that the owner was playing (bad decision).

What is the name of the famed boson baseball club franchise?

I think your talking about the Redsoxs?

What was the Boston redsoxs name before they became the Boston redsoxs?

The Red Sox had a few names in their storied career. * The Boston American * The Boston Pilgrims * The Boston Beaneaters It is interesting to note an article on baseball almanac contends that the Red Sox were never officially named the Boston Pilgrims. See the related link below for the article.

Who does Ohio state play?

They play Penn state today.

What state do the Red Sox play in?

They play in Boston, which is in the state of Massachusetts.

When did Chris Paul play for golden state?

He didn't play for Golden State

In what state does the Dallas Cowboys play their home games?

They play in the state of Texas.

When was State of Play released?

State of Play was released on 04/17/2009.

What was the Production Budget for State of Play?

The Production Budget for State of Play was $60,000,000.

How many redsoxs are of Dominican descent?

if you refer to the players of the Boston redsox, only 2, a 2nd baseman miguel tejada and the DH big papi david ortiz

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