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Q: Vin jyacb03y11a001660 how can you find the year of this Yamaha dirt bike?
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How do you find out what model and year your 250 Yamaha dirt bike is frame number is 3RB-012812?

3RB-012812 is not a frame number for a 250 Yamaha dirt bike; it's a motor number. To find out the model year and frame, you need the frame number.

Where can i go to find out how to change lower crankshaft on Yamaha dirt bike?

Your local library will have a shop manual.

How do you find what model of Yamaha dirt bike I have?

Yamaha dealerships can assist with any questions relating to a bike. The company can let a person know how to find out the year and model of a bike owned. The dealership usually assist with any repairs as well.

where can I find a free diagram of dirt bike parts?

where can I find a free diagram of dirt bike parts

How do you find out what kind of dirt bike you have?

u can noramlly find out by looking at the vin # then searching it on a dirt bike site.

How do you find out what size your dirt bike is?

I think it says on the side. You could research your dirt bike and then you could probably figure out what size it is. You could also see what brand it is.. Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, etc. Then you could get more information on it and it would lead you to the answer.

Where you can find Yamaha bike in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

theres no Yamaha bike in gta san Andreas

Where to find a cheap dirt bike?


How can you tell what year your dirt bike is?

I have a ktm dirt bike trying to find out the year the number is ktm8701*45853*

How do you find out the make of a Yamaha dirt bike by a model code?

Write down the 17 digit VIN number on the head tube. Then enter it at the link below for

How do you find the revolution limiter on a 50cc dirt bike?


Where can one find more information about dirt bike racing?

One can find information about dirt bike racing on sites such as Motorcycle-USA, The MSF DirtBike School, Motocross Tracks and Dirt Rider. One can also find information in magazines such as Dirt Bike Magazine and Motocross Action Magazine.

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