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what is value of a .999fine silver mint coin for Michael Jordan with certificate of authenticity

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Q: Value of highland mint Michael Jordan silver retirement coin?
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How much is a silver Michael Jordan 1991 highland mint card worth?

2000 about

Value of Michael Jordan silver dollar?

The 1997 Michael Jordan NBA Scoring Champion coin is a one ounce .999 silver proof bullion coin and has a value of $16.75

How much is the highland mint sports collection bronze Michael Jordan worth 1991 bronze?

The official Micheal Jordan 1991 highland mint bronze coin is currentley priced at $850.00 u.s. If the coin is in the original Highland Mint box with record of authenticity and player card it is priced at $2,000 u.s. The 4.25 Ounce Bronze Card is even better. But not as good as the even rarer Silver Card.

What is the value of a 1992-1997 Michael Jordan silver cards?

less than a nickel.

How much are silver Michael Jordan collector coins worth?

Michael Jordan's silver medallion/coin is worth between 24 and 65 dollars. But really the worth is what ever any two people agree it's worth!

1985 star Gatorade Michael Jordan card value?

Jodan 1991 silver coin

What is the value of an unopened 1995 upper deck Michael Jordan you crash the game silver set?


What medals did Michael Jordan win?

Michael Jordan won six championships and 14 diffrent medals in his years in basket ball games. He won 11 gold medals and 3 silver medals.

How many silver medals did Michael Jordan win?

None. Jordan was on the US Olympic basketball team in 1984 and 1992 and won gold both times.

When was Jordan Silver born?

Jordan Silver was born on August 19, 1970, in Northampton, Massachusetts, USA.

Were any Highland Mint Silver Topps Sports Cards melted?


When was Michael B. Silver born?

Michael B. Silver was born in 1967.

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