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You can play softball as long as you like just not a grandma. There is pro softball, so you can play softball as long as you like.

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Q: Up to what age can you play fastpitch softball?
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What is the difference in fast pitch and slow pitch softball?

Fastpitch softball involves throwing the ball faster and straighter than slow pitch. In slowpitch, the ball is generally thrown higher and slower and more like a blooper. it can be harder to hit a line drive with slow pitch rather than fastpitch because you are it at an up ward angle. In fastpitch you are to swing straight.

How popular is softball today?

Softball has always been popular. But it is improving up a little. Especially Robinson and Kennedy. They are the most popular with slow and fastpitch. You now can also get a collage degree!

In fastpitch softball can you release the ball before the arm goes around? name for this pitch is a Chinese change up.

In fastpitch softball if a courtesy runner ends up scoring who is credited with the run the original batter or the courtesy runner?

The hitter gets an RBI ( run batted in) but the runner gets the credit

How much money is it for baseball and a softball?

It Depends on if your skill is up to par. If you would like to play "travel" softball or baseball, it will cost more money than just rec softball or baseball. The amount of money can also vary on which team you play on. "Travel" teams don't usually start off at the earliest age in the game.

How thick is a softball?

It depends. FASTPITCH: girls 10u or younger use a 11" diameter ball. Girls 12u and up use a 12" diameter ball. SLOWPITCH: 12" diameter ball

How long does it normally take to learn how to pitch fast pitch softball?

To be a decent softball pitcher it could take 3-4 years to pitch a softball. Fastpitch that is. The ball is bigger and weighs more than a baseball. The wind up is tricky. Most pitchers that I know have to practice their pitching around 3 to 4 days a week.

What is a slapper in fastpitch softball?

A slapper is a batter that moves up on the ball when she is hitting to "slap" it into a hole in the infield then beat the throw to first base. A slapper is generally very fast and bats left-handed.

When a softball is hit or thrown and then makes contact with the ground does the softball pick up speed?

no,it slows down. i know because i play.

What age group can you start wearing metal cleats in softball?

16u and up

How do you know what size bat to buy for fastpitch softball?

some people say that it should be the size of your hip. if you put the top of the softball bat on the ground making it parallel with your leg, it should be the size of your leg up to your hip. only some say that. mine is 33 in and it still doesn't reach my hip, so there you go. hope that helps.

What do you do if you pulled you muscle and you play softball?

Rest, ice it up and strengthen it when healed

Do you have to use softball pants in softball?

No but it looks more professional and is much more comfortable to play in because your legs don't get all scratched up

What are some of the skills you need to play softball?

You need to be able to throw a softball, catch a softball, hit a softball, swing a bat, communicate with your teammate's, pump up each other when they are down. If one person on your team is down everyone on your team is down.

What was the origin of softball?

The change up. each time you make a play or just sit out

What is the difference between select softball and tournament softball?

A select softball team is one that you have to try out for. Usually these teams are also called travel teams and dues are paid to be on their roster. Tournament softball is where organized teams go to play other organized teams. Recreational softball is where you sign up in a league and players are distributed to teams that will then play against each other. No try outs for recreational softball they take anyone and everyone and is usually for beginners. Select softball is much more competitive.

Which sport did Carrie Underwood play?

As a child she enjoyed playing softball. She even showed up to her high school graduation with a huge black eye from playing softball

What is a forfeit in softball?

A forfeit is when the other team gives up the game or does not have enough players to play the game.

Where to position your outfield in fastpitch softball?

In the outfield there is a left,left center,center,right center,and a right field. You may not need to put in a player in position at left center and right center but that is mainly up to you. It mostly depends I guess what team you're facing or how fast your outfielders are.

Can a 14A softball player guest play the same season with a 14B team?

Yes a player can pick up with any division they choose in their age group or above. Not only can they do pick up ball if an A player, for what ever reason, chooses to they can play B ball all season. Typically that would hurt them in the long run but it is their choice.

Official size of a softball?

Depending on teh age group you are in, if you are 10u or younger it is 11' inchs. If you are 12u and up it is 12' inches.

How much would everything cost for softball?

The bat can cost up to $200 at the least. Then if you would like a decent glove, its about $50. Then you need a softball bag ($40) and depending on what position you play, it could be more. But these are the basics.

How fast is a softball pitched?

a softball can be pitched at all diffferent kinds of speeds depending on the level of play. High school pitching can get up to 40-55 mph. College level gets up to around 70 miles an hour. Professional teams can probably get up to around 80 mph

What is the width of a softball?

there are different sizes for different ages the smallest is 8in then 10in then 12in the girls in 12u and up play with the 12in

Who came up with the name softball?

The person who came up with softball was the person who mad the game softball and they thought it was soft because it is softer than a baseball