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Yes, the Undertaker is Michelle McCool's real-life boyfriend.

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Q: Undertaker is boyfriend Michelle mcool real life?
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Who is Michelle mcool going out with?

The Undertaker in real life.

Does Undertaker Love any Diva?

Well yeah. In real life he is married to Michelle Mccool

Who is undertaker going out in real life?

Michelle McCool

How old is Micheal mcool from WWE?

Michelle McCool was born on 25th January 1980. She is 32 years old as of 2012. She is the real life wife of the WWE superstar "The Undertaker". In the WWE she is a 2 time Diva's champion and a 2 time Women's champion

Who is Michelle mccool married to in real life?

Michelle McCool married wrestler Mark Calaway (The Undertaker) on June 26, 2010 in Houston, Texas.

How old is undertaker's wife?

Undertaker is currently married to 30 year old WWE Diva Michelle McCool. The two were married June 26 2010.

Is undertake good or bad in real life?

undertaker is a nice man he is married to Michelle MCcool PS if you don't belive me than there marriage was on oct 25 2010

Who is undertaker and Kane?

Kane and Undertaker aren't related in real life.

Is Kane and Undertaker's mom dead?

Kane and undertaker are not related in real life

What about Undertaker's personal life n family?

The Undertaker prefers to keep that private.

Who is Kane and undertaker's dad?

Kane and Undertaker aren't related in real life.

When is michele mcool come back WWE?

Michele McCool is not coming back to the WWE. She is currently retired and is happily married to WWE Legend "The Undertaker". She is enjoying her married life as the couple recently welcomed their first child in August 2012. As of now, she is happy being away from wrestling and it looks like it will continue in future as well.