Umpire in basketball

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yes....... well sort of. its called an referee.

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Q: Umpire in basketball
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What is a role of an umpire?

in basketball the umpire is the assistant referee :)

What are the roles of an umpire in basketball?

An umpire throws basketballs at players and sits on their faces.

What do the referee umpire and crew chief do in basketball?

referee-is the referee umpire- the umpire crew chief- crew chief

What type of officials is there in the sport?

Football: Offical and Umpire Baseball: Umpire Basketball: Refreree

Does basketball have umpires?

No, basketball has referees. They do the same type of thing that an umpire does, though.

What are the three officials in basketball?

referee umpire crew chief

Who is the umpire in a basketball game?

The umpire can be anybody picked out specially to be that position there doesn't have to be a definite person who plays this part every time in a game.

What is the duty of basketball umpire?

the umpire runs across the court and looks at the players to check were the ball is and then puts it on a tally then he goes to the referee and sings cher songs

What is the umpire's job in basketball?

There are not umpires in Basketball but there are referees. The referees are in charge of making sure the game is played correctly such as calling fouls, when needed.

What is the difference between and referee and an umpire in basketball?

i think its because a reff has a wistle and an ump doesnt

Who are the officials in a basketball game?

Referee, umpire, timekeeper, scorekeeper. Referee usually is the one that starts the jump ball.

Why is there an umpire in basketball?

I think you got baseball and basketball mixed up. Only baseball has umpires. In baskeball its a referee. Why there is a referee? Basketball needs a ref because he keeps the rules and watches out for fouls made from a player or team.

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