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Q: Two outs men on 1st and second batter hits double both runs score batter misses first base on appeal the batter is out do the runs count?
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If a batter hits a triple and misses second base and the defense appeals and the batter is called out how is that scored?

It is scored as a single, out at second.

Runner misses first base and goes to second and the defense team doesn't caught that he missed first can the umpire call the runner out without appeal?

No, this is an appeal call only. This is not the umpires call unless asked on appeal.

A hit that gets the batter to second base safely?


If a runner misses first and advances to second when the ball goes out of play can the runner still be called out on appeal?

YES he can be called out on an appeal... this would be the same as if a home was hit and the runner had not tagged first base ...

What is a double in softball?

A double is when the batter reaches second base on a hit ball.

A hit in baseball that gets batter to second place?

a Double

What is it called if a batter hits and reaches second base?

a double

What is a hit that lets the batter run to second base?

a double

Is it an error if the short stop misses second base while making throw to first on a double play attempt?


Is the batter credited with a double if he is thrown out while advancing to third base?

Yes, the batter made it safely to second base. Therefore, he is credited with a double.

In baseball what is a stand up double?

a stand up double in baseball is when the batter hits a double and doesn't have to slide at second.

What is the ruling if the batter passes second base and play is ruled a ground rule double?

On a ground rule double, the batter is awarded second base and all runners advance two bases. The ball is dead.

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