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two differences between the muscle fibres of a world class sprinter and those of a marathon runner

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Q: Two differences between the muscle fibers of world - class sprinter and those of a marathon runner?
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How long is a marathon race apex?

26.2 miles!

Which muscle fibers are best suited for running a marathon?

Type I (red) muscle fibers, which have slow oxidative characteristics, are those primarily called on for long-distance running. These are more commonly referred to as 'slow-twitch' muscle fibers.

How does a marathon runner and the fastest human being differ?

I assume you mean physiologically. A marathon runner has high aerobic endurance, VO2 max, and lactate threshold. This means that they are capable of producing a high level of ATP (muscle energy) for a prolonged period of time utilizing oxygen to feed the muscles. A sprinter has many fast-twich muscle fibers that are trained to produce explosive energy for short periods of time, but without using oxygen, i.e. anaerobically.

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What kind of run is best to get lean legs Sprints or distance?

Distance, hands down. Sprinting will build your fast-twitch muscle fibers, which are typically larger than slow-twitch muscle fibers. You hardly ever see a sprinter with the skinny legs of a distance runner. It just doesn't happen.