Treatment for missed abortions

Updated: 8/16/2019
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what do you mean by "missed" abortions?

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Q: Treatment for missed abortions
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What race of women have the abortions?

All races have abortions.

Do aliens have abortions?

Yes, illegal aliens have abortions as well.

When was Dayglo Abortions created?

Dayglo Abortions was created in 1979.

What are Medical abortions?

Medical abortions are brought about by taking medications that end the pregnancy

Does healthcare act fully cover abortions?

No, the ACA does not fully cover abortions.

Did the Nazi invent abortions?

no abortions go back to the ancient Egyptians and probably before that. It was def around before the Nazis and many women died in backalley abortions.

Is mccain for abortions?


How many abortions are there in a hour?

There is about 137 abortions per hour. 234 abortions per 1,000 live births, 1.2 million per year, 3,288 per day, 9 abortions per hour and 1 abortion every 26 second.

How many abortions were performed in 2011 by planned parenthood?

1,2 million women and teens have abortions in the US every year in different clinics and hospitals. Some PPL clinics perform abortions and others refer to a doctor who can. How many they perform they will not reveal. Out of the clinics that performed abortions 3% of everything they did was abortions. But they did help prevent about 621,000 unintended pregnancies.

Are there more abortions or child molestors?

In my view I think there are alot more abortions than child molesters.

How many abortions are there per year in Connecticut?

The last statistics reported were from 2009. There were 13,651 abortions that year.

Are abortions dangerous?

Abortions are not risk free. Any medical procedure carries risks. Early abortions are very minor procedures and the risks are minor ones. If you go to Planned Parenthood they can go over the risks involved with you.