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Chelsea transfer money is $52,250,000 Liverpool transfer money is $40,528,365

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Q: Transfers between Liverpool and Chelsea
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Footballers that have played for 2 clubs out of man united Liverpool Chelsea and arsenal?

Nikolas Anelka (Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea)Michael Owen (Liverpool, Man Utd)Danny Welbeck(Arsenal, Man Utd)For More:

Who won the match between Liverpool and Chelsea on the 10-4-09?

Chelsea did. 3-1. Two goals by Ivanovic and one by Drogba for Chelsea. Torres scored for Liverpool.

What was the score with Chelsea Liverpool in 2008?

It was Liverpool 1-0 Chelsea

Will chelsea win liverpool?

Yes Chelsea can knockdown liverpool. Liverpool is suffering from poor form.

Which team is better Chelsea or Liverpool?


Who has a bigger staduim Liverpool or Chelsea?

Chelsea do

Who are better Manchester United Arsenal Chelsea or Liverpool?

Liverpool! Liverpool! Liverpool!

Have Liverpool beaten Chelsea more times?

Chelsea are the have won a total of 59 and Liverpool 38

Have there been any football transfers between Liverpool and Barcelona?

no, as far as i know off

Who has won more matches Liverpool or Chelsea?


Who has most fans Liverpool or Chelsea?

liverpool, it's simple , liverpool stadium capacity is 45.000 and chelsea stadium is : 42.000, but i will not make stadium capacity be the reason, liverpool fans is has the msot fan as described when liverpool termination with adidas is been described with adidas, that liverpool with adidas is become the most number 3 shirt seller in the world. than look at the trophies. Premier League : Liverpool 18-4 Chelsea Champions League : Liverpool 5-1 Chelsea FA Cup : Liverpool 7-7 Chelsea Carling Cup : Liverpool 8-4 Chelsea Community Shield : Liverpool 15-4 Chelsea Uefa Winner Cup : Liverpool 0-1 Chelsea >Discountinued,Last Winner Lazio: 1999 Uefa Super Cup : Liverpool 3-1 Chelsea Uefa Europa League : Liverpool 3-0 Chelsea With That Trophies Explanation That Make Liverpool Is Greater Than Chelsea That Means Liverpool Is HAD MOST FANS than SH*T TEAM CHELSEA

Which is better Chelsea or Liverpool in playing?

of course Chelsea Liverpool are crap their even worser than every team Chelsea is better Way!

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