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Goaltending my friend, or basket interference. Either way, it is very much illegal

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Q: Toughching the ball when a shot is descending towards the basket or is directly above the basket?
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What is it called when you touch the ball when a shot is descending towards the basket or is directly above the basket?

It is called contending

How many steps are considered traveling in college basketball?

Well, it depends. If your standing or not going towards the basket then its one step. If you are in a motion ruled "towards the basket" its three.

What is it called when pass that leads directly to the basket?

What you are referring to is known as an assist.

Which basketball term is defined as an area directly above the basket?


In basketball what is a cut?

A cut means a sudden movement (usually towards the basket) to lose your defender in order to create open space. Backdoor cut: cutting towards the basket while tricking your defender the opposite direction.

What is the average speed of a basketball?

Heading towards the basket it is 10 miles per hour.

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How do you dunk on nba2k14 on xbox 360?

To dunk, you have to press RT+X while running towards the basket.

How do you dunk in nba 2k11?

To dunk you have to sprint using RT and hold X when towards up to the basket.

Can an offensive player can stand under the basket until they receive the ball?

No, any player standing within the "paint", or rectangular area directly in front of the basket, can be charged with a 3 second violation for standing in front of the basket for too long.

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How do you shoot with one hand in basketball?

Just hold the ball in your hand when it is cocked back, and flick the wrist towards the basket.

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