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Q: Top ten most famous sports in America?
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What are the top 3 most watched sports in America for girls?

the top 3 is soccer volleyball and swimming

What is the top 3 sports in America?

There are a great many top sports in the United States of America. These sports include football, baseball, and swimming.

What are the top participating sports in the US?

id probably say baseball and American football as they are the most popular sports in America.

What are the top five sports played in America?

Answering this question adequately firstly depends on one's definition of "North America". Strictly, North America includes Canada, Mexico and a number of other MAD soccer nations. Mexico, alone, has a population of about 110 Million people. The great bulk of those people are soccer fanatics - that's a population about half of USA, most of which is keen on soccer. To the north of USA, Canadians (nearly 35 million people) are keenest on their version of ice hockey in winter and football (gridiron) in summer. The most popular sports in USA America: #1 Soccer #2 Baseball #3 Football #4 Basketball #5 Golf

What is America's top sports?

soccer and basketballl

What are the top five most popular sports in North America?

Football, Basketball, Baseball, Golf, Hockey

What is the top 5 most watched sports in America?

not in any order baseball football socar golf and tennis

What are the top sports of America?

BASEBALL!!! FOOTBALL!!! hope this helps ^_^

What are the top three sports events in America?


What are the top physical activities in America?

palying sports runing fighting

Top ten spectator sports in America?

nascar horse racing