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Q: List of the top ten world's richest sports player?
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Is there list for richest people in Oklahoma?

Forbes has an annual list of the worlds richest. It allows the user to look at individual states.

List of the richest sports teams in the world?

check your answer

List of richest sports person in India?

sachin, dhoni.

List of top ten richest sports personalities?

manny pacquaia

List of the top ten world's richest sports men?

me me me me me me me Dr. Phil

Who is the worlds richest soccer club?

According to the Sports Business Group at Deloitte (the group that compiles the official list) Real Madrid is the richest soccer team in the world 3 years in the running with a revenue of $513.6 millions. Manchester United came second with a revenue of $461.2 millions. The list does not include transfer fees.

Can you give me a list of the worlds richest people?

The richest people on earth are Rothschiilds and since they married into the Warburg family there are many rich descendants. They are worth tens of trillions if not hundreds of trillions. But you won't see them on any list.

What rank is Sultan of Brunei on the richest people in world list?

Currently, the Sultan of Brunei is listed as the second richest person on the worlds list of richest people. He has a net worth of $20 billion dollars as of April 2011. His riches came from profits in the oil and gas industries.

Who is richest soccer player in the world?

Because of his extensive 'Brand Beckham' empire and MLS contract that guarantees him a percentage of gate receipts and replica shirt sales, David Beckham tops the list of worlds richest footballers, with an estimated 2009 wealth of $180m (£112m

Which runescape worlds often have house parties on them?

Look on the world list for Player Owned House Parties on them, those will be the worlds.

List of top 10 richest sports men?

David Beckham Tiger Woods Roger Federer Michael Jordan Sachin Tendulkar

What is a list of world's richest games?

world richest game is 'Golf'

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