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i think it's Golf.

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Q: Top most paid sports in the world?
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Top 10 hightest paid sports in the world?

Sports are not really as top as they are progressing

Who are the top paid men and women in sports?

The top paid man is Tiger Woods, and the top paid woman is Lorena Ochoa. Golf is a sport that gives out the most money.

Top ten highest paid players in the world?

the most paid player in the world is goof

Most top tiring sport in the world?

I'v herd lots of roomers about the top most tiring sports. But with what I herd the top 2 most tiring sports are Soccer and Motocross.

What are the top 100 most dangerous sports in the world?


Who is the top paid sports player?

The top payed sports player is a woman tennis player that is Maria Sharapova

What are the top paid professional sports?

Baseball, football and basketball

What will be the top ten most important sports world event for 2010?

soccer and football

Top paid sports?

foot ball,basketball,hockey, golf

Top hundred sports in the world?

soccer is the most international, but unfortunately I do not have a link to the top 100. But I believe soccer is the 1st

How much does a sports columnist get paid?

About $35,000. Some of the top sports columnists can get paid about half a million a year, but that's a very few number of people.

What are the top 5 most popular sports in the world?

Football,tenis,rugby,boxing and wrestling

Who are the top ten highest paid British sports stars?

throw ball

Who is the most payed soccer player in the world?

The most payed player in the world is David Beckham, Messi and Ronaldihno. These are the top three paid player.

What are the top three sports played in Honduras?

One of the top three sports in Honduras is soccer. It is the country's most popular sports. The other top two sports include tennis, and baseball.

Most lucrative sports in the world?

Racing, boxing, golf, basketball, soccer, baseball - based on how much stars in these sports make in prize money, salaries and brand endorsements (sponsorship contracts) combined. Going purely by salary, top baseball players get paid the most, followed by auto racers and basketball players.

What is the top 10 most watched sports in the US?

the top 10 most watched sports are football,soccer,basketball,hockey,and baseball

Top 10 highest paid sports? has the answer to this question. Boxing is 1.

Who are the top 10 highest paid athletes in the world?

Highest paid athlete

Top 3 most popular sports in the 1920s?

In 1920, there were several competitive sports being played. The top three sports being played the most were baseball, football and basketball.

What is the average salary of a college baseball coach?

The top coach gets paid around 600k. And most coaches get paid 200-300k and some even less. So not much compared to other sports.

Who were the top ten highest paid athletes in history all sports?

A-ROD Tiger Woods

What are the top five watched sports in the world?


What are the top female sports in the world?

netball and tennis

What are the Top ten team sports in the world?