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Q: How much money does the second most paid sport get?
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How much money is spent on Australian sport?

By the Australian public: Enormous amounts - the Australians love their sport and it is, for most, their chief entertainment.

How much money does sport bring into the uk?


How much money does a sport team get from a beer contract?

as much as they want

How much does a mangaka make?

Not much, most artist in general have a second job, called their bread-and-butter money.

How much do Rally drivers get paid?

a rally racer earns $50,000.00 a day. rally racing is the second highest money earning sport after soccer.

How much money does a sport trainer earn?

well its really up to what sport and asdsapfklasd;fasd

How much money did sport relief make in 2002?


How much is second place money for the masters?

Second place prize money is $810,000.

What was the most popular sport in England in the 1920?

Marbles as there wasn't much money around in the 1920's, this is the truth as my grandad told me.

How much money does the second place of dancing with the stars makes?

No money is awarded for second place

How much money does Australia sport make a year?

not much...around $20,000-30,000

How much money does Kobe Bryant get?

a lot of money. Sport Sponsers, Fundraisers, Events, Etc

Who are the top ten richest sport men in world?

The sports that pay the most money are the most dependent on if you win or not. Golf and Tennis make more money than any other sport, but that is totally dependent on if you win or not, if you don't, it's much further down the list

How much money is being spent on youth sports?

It depends on the sport. Football is probably the most but it also depends on the brands, sponsers, and/or the league.

How much money do pro sport referees make?

how much does a nhl ref make in a year

How much money has been raised for sport relief 2012?

52 mill

How much money was raised in the last 5 sport reliefs?

5000 pounds

How much money does the NFL makes as a sport versus MLB?

Micheal conley

Is basketball the richest sport in the world?

its ur momas money thts how much it is

How much money does a professional sport scout make?

$33,000 -$64,000 a year

How much money do sport medicine people make?

250,000 per year

How much money is spent each year on sport related gambling?


Why are skateboards too much money?

Because skateboarding is obviously a popular sport.

How much money a athlete can make per year?

It really depends on the sport.

How much money is raised for the sport relief 2012?

£50,447,197 was raised, how amazing is that?!?