Top football players

Updated: 9/27/2023
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jerry rice

joe Montana

lawence Taylor (LT)

joe theismen

Jon riggens

dan marino

(that's some of them)


jerry rice

troy aikmen

emmite smith

art monk

Gary clark

mark rypein

john elway

terrel Davis

dan marino

Steve young

barry sanders

terrel Owens(TO)

payton manning

Marvin harisson

(ok that's alot)


Tom Brady

payton manning


ladainian tomlinson or LT

randy moos


chad onchocinco

Clinton portis

Sean Taylor (died)

oops forgot Brett Favre in 80s,90s,2000s

im done.

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zinedine zidane is but he doesn't play anymore

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xabi alonso,wayne rooney and lionel messi,steven gerrard,fabregas and john terry,kaka.

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Got to be messi

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Q: Top football players
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Who were the top 5 oldest players in top flight English football?

gordon strachan

Top college football programs that have sent players to the National Football League?

USC Trojans

Who are the top ten oldest football players and their age?

Giggs and Beckham

Who are the top 100 football players in the world?

that's a matter of opinion

Top ten richest football players in the world and the year?


Top 10 highest paid football players in Chelsea football club?

Frank Lampard is #1,

Division One A College Football top 10 states?

states that produce division one football players/

What is the pay for womens professional football?

top players make around $20,000. most players are around $300 a year

Who are the top players in Bulgaria?

top palyers in which game/sport? football- Berbatov, shooting- zlateva, tennis- Pironkova

Top 3 Italian football team players?

The three top footballers in Italy are Buffon, Totti, Pirlo.

Man u top ten highest paid player?

The top ten highest paid payers are football players and basketball players. They both get paid millions.

Is steven Gerrard one of the top ten players in the world?

he's one of the top 20 players of all time , and ranks 14 th there and is one of the top 10 English football players of all time and ranks 6th