Top 5 running backs

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Clinton portis Marion barber tomlison and more

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Q: Top 5 running backs
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Who are the top 5 running backs in oklahoma's history?

Steve Owens, Billy Sims, Joe Washington,

Who were the top 5 running backs of the 60s?

Jim Brown, Jim Taylor, Gale Sayers, Cookie Gilchrist, Jim Nance

Who are the 5 best running backs in the NFL?

the greatest 5 running backs are 1)Barry Sanders 2)Walter Payton 3)Eric Dickerson 4)O.J. Simpson 5)Jim Brown

How many white running backs are in the NFL?

there are a few, i know at least 5

Who are the top 5 Florida Gator running backs of all time?

1. Jimmy DuBose2. Fred Taylor3. Errict Rhett4. Neal Anderson5. Emmitt Smith

What is the average lifespan in the nfl for a running back?

Because of the many injuries sustained by running backs, they can have a lifespan of about 5 years.

Is basketball one of the top 5 running sports?

yes it is

What are the top 5 running injuries reported?

You would have to ask a jogger or a person who runs. You can also visit a website on running injuries to find out which were the top 5 reported injuries that are common.

Who are the top 5 quarter backs?

Peyton manning tom brady drew brees aron rogders eil manning

How many running backs in green bay?

there currently is 5,but they have to either cut one or put him on their practice squad,by the end of preseason week 3

Who are the running backs for the Washington Redskins?

The starting running back for the Washington Redskins so far (first 5 weeks) of 2012 is Alfred Morris. They also recently acquired Ryan Grant, Sports Media 101

Name all 22 positions on a football field?

Offense: Line: 2 Guards, 2 Tackles, 1 Center Backs: 1 QB, Remaining 5 are Receivers or Tight Ends or Running Backs Defense (4-3, may vary) Line: 2 Tackles, 2 Ends Backs: 3 Linebackers, 2 Safeties, 2 Cornerbacks

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