Top 5 NFL team merchandise sales 2008?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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SportsBusiness Daily reported January 8, 2009 that the Dallas Cowboys remained atop the league in terms of team merchandise sold. The Cowboys were followed by the 2)New York Giants, 3)Pittsburgh Steelers, 4)New York Jets, 5)Chicago Bears, 6)New England Patriots, 7)Washington Redskins, 8)Philadelphia Eagles, 9)Green Bay Packers and 10)Indianapolis Colts.

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Q: Top 5 NFL team merchandise sales 2008?
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How much revenue does the NFL generate from merchandise sales?

Merchandise is the second greatest revenue source for the NFL. Each year the NFL generates two billion dollars from merchandise sales.

What percantage of merchandise sales do NFL players get?

not enough :P

Which team sells the most NFL team merchandise?

The Dallas Cowboys have sold the most merchandise since 2001, and sold more merchandise than any other NFL team in the 90's.

What is the total NFL merchandise sales for the last two years?

550 million dollars

What NFL team sell more merchandise worldwide?

Dallas cowboys

Which soccer team sells most merchandise?

The San Francisco 49ers is the NFL team that has sold the most merchandise. The Baltimore Ravens are number 2.

Does the nfl or nba sell more team merchandise?

Worldwide it's the NBA, no question. NFL fandom barely exists outside the US.

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no one lost a game in 2008