Time to play a round of golf?

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About 3-5 hours, depends on the length of the course and pace of play.

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Q: Time to play a round of golf?
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What average time to play a round of golf?

9 or 18 holes?

What does Tiger Woods like to do on his spare time?

play a round of golf with his friends

Can you play with 5 people in a round of golf?


What part of speech in the sentence - Let's play a round of golf?


What can you do in Palm Springs CA?

Play a round of golf.

What is pace of play in golf?

Pace of play is how quickly a round of golf is played, usually by one player, or a group.

If you played 2 round of golf how many golf holes did you play?

One round is 18 .. so 18 + 18= 36. ; 36 holes

What is considered a round of golf?

When you say: "I have just completed a round of golf." Generally you are saying that you have just played golf. Usually 9 or 18 holes. I don't think it matters how many holes you play.

Which president was the first to play golf in the white house?

William McKinley was supposedly the first president to play a round of golf. Taft played golf but not often when he was president but he likely was the first sitting president to play golf. Wilson certainly played golf while he was president, but not very well.

What does a 5.9 golf handicap mean?

It means you shoot just shy of 6 strokes over par when you play a round of golf.

How much does it cost to play golf in The Links at Tuscaloosa golf course?

It typically costs $139 dollars and up to play a round of golf in 'The Links' at Tuscaloosa golf course. This price varies if you are, or know a member as well as the day/date.

How many holes are played on a round of golf?

There are 18 holes in a round of golf.

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