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Tiger Woods' average swing speed is 125mph Tiger Woods' average swing speed is 125mph

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Q: Tiger Woods 6 iron swing speed?
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What is Tiger Woods club head speed with a 6 iron?

approx. 115mph

How fast can Tiger Woods swing an iron?

Around 125 MPH, but can go faster if he wants to hit one harder.

What is Tiger Woods 5 iron club speed?

One million miles per hour.

How far can tiger woods hit a 6 iron?

Long enough

What are the type of clubs that Tiger Woods uses?

fusion driver sand wedge putter 7 iron 9 iron 3and 5 woods

How far can tiger woods hit a 7 iron?

172 yards avg

When will Tiger Woods go back playing golf after injury?

According to sources, Woods is currently using an iron and is going to return around the next masters.

Why did Tiger Woods crash?

He was trying to escape from his wife who was trying to attack him with a nine iron, and he lost control of the vehicle.

What iron Tiger Woods use?

He uses Nike Victory Red TW Blades. They are forged blades by Nike Golf.

What is the white symbol on Tiger Woods' cap?

There are four logos and Tiger Woods' hat. On the front there is the TW logo, which is obviously his Tiger Woods logo. Above the left ear there is a VR logo which looks like a V, this stands for Victory Red, which is the type of iron Tiger uses. Above his right ear there is a 'ONE' logo which stands for Nike One which is the type of ball that Tiger uses. On the back there is the Nike Swoosh logo.

What is the general distance a 6 iron golf club should hit a golf ball?

tiger woods 225 yards average 160

How far should you hit your irons?

It depend on swing speed and your individual swing plane.Here is a way.The most common way to figure is take your 6 or 7 Iron and hit 10-15 balls with a full swing. Measure the average distance of these and add 5 yards (Range balls are not like the ones you hit on the course).If you don't want to do this for every iron, you can do this:Lets say your 6 Iron goes 180 yards (100+ mph speed), then you can add 10 yards for the 5 iron and subtract 10 yards for the 7 iron and so forth.

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