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Sean Landeta

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Running Back LeSean McCoy

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Brain Mitchell wore #30

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Q: Throughout Philadelphia Eagles history who wore the number 9 jersey?
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Where can one purchase a Philadelphia Eagles jersey?

A Philadelphia Eagles jersey can be purchased at the Official Philadelphia Eagles ProShop. Products from this shop can be purchased online but also in local stores.

What color jersey will Philadelphia Eagles wear in Atlanta?

White jersey with green pants

Where can someone find an Eagles jersey online?

There are a number of options for one to purchase a Philadelphia Eagles jersey online. These can be purchased from sites such as the Philadelphia Eagles Pro Shop website, the NFL Shop, Sports Authority, Amazon and eBay.

Which Philadelphia Eagles receiver wore jersey number 87 in 2004?

Todd Pinkston ... he wore #87 for the Eagles from 2000-2004.

What is Donovan McNabb's jersey number?

He is number 5 on the roster with the Philadelphia Eagles. yea biy!

Who wore 80 for the Philadelphia Eagles?

Kevin Curtis currently wears the number 80 jersey

Which sport team jersey uses the color Cyan?

The Philadelphia Eagles' jerseys use cyan

What color jersey will the eagles where today against the vikings?

Their white on green uniforms, as they are not playing at home.

What shade of green is the Philadelphia Eagles jersey?

Eagles wear Midnight Green Before Jeff Lurie bought the team they were Kelly Green

Who wore number 77 for the Philadelphia Eagles?

Tanard Davis was born in Miami, Florida on January 27, 1983. Davis played for the Philadelphia Eagles during the 2007 season, and he wore the #41 on his jersey.

How many jersey Snoop Dogg has?

He wears Eagles Jersey

Did New Jersey have harsh winters?

Throughout history New Jersey has had many harsh winters. In 1777 a harsh winter in New Jersey had a devastating effect on Washington's army.