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Q: Three Canadian world junior players have scored hat tricks for team Canada who are they?
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How many NFL players have scored 100 career touchdowns?

20 non qb players have scored 100 tds or more. Jerry rice leads all players with 208.

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Did Dwight yorke ever scored 5 goals in 1 match?

No Dwight Yorke has never scored 5 goals in the E.P.L. only four players have scored it.

How many Scottish players have scored a hatrick in the English premiership?


Who won the World Junior Hockey this week in Saskatoon?

USA won in Overtime 5-6. Its was tied 3-3 in period three, then USA scored twice. In the last few moments of the game, Canada pulled up to five aswell. In over time, USA epically scored the final point to win the GOLD !

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Jordan Eberle what did he do to help Canada?

He helped Canada by scoring two very important goals in the hockey world junior championship. Canada was down by 2 goals against Russia in the semifinals. Jordan scored with 2 minutes left and with 5.4 seconds left, to propel Canada to overtime. Assisted by Ryan Ellis, who made an amazing play to keep the puck alive in the offensive zone and by John Tavares, who made an excellent pass to Eberle. Canada later went into a shootout, where Eberle scored once again, helping Canada to an eventual gold medal against the Swedes. The following year, Canada was once again in the gold medal game, down by 1 goal. Eberle scored with two minutes left, where the Canadians fell in overtime. Jordan is one of Canada's best world junior players ever. He made a huge impact in World Junior history.

Which players have scored a hat-trick against the US women's soccer team?

In the 2012 Olympic Semifinals Christine Sinclair, captain of the Canadian WNT scored a hat trick (they still lost though).

What was the most goals scored by a team in a single game at the world junior championships?

Mario Lemieux, Simon Gagne and Braydon Schenn have the record for most scored by a Canadian in one game (4)...unable to find any records of most goals scored by any player in a single game, so I think this is the record

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62 Players have scored 1000+ points

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20 non qb players have scored 100 tds or more. Jerry rice leads all players with 208.

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thousands of players

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