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One second better.

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Q: This years longhorns football teams motto?
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How many national championship in football has Texas Longhorns played in?

The teams over the years that played for football National Championships in college?

What division 1 football teams have won at least 10 games the last 6 years?

I can give you 1. The Texas longhorns have 8 years in a row Hook'em

What years did the Texas Longhorns win the national championship for football?


When did Texas A and M defeat Texas Longhorns in football?

For the past two years in a row!!! WHOOOOOOP!!!!

How long has mac brown been the coach of the Texas longhorns football team?

14 years

When were teams used in football?

Football started out without teams when it was first created in 1870. Teams were used 20 years later in 1890.

What was the Texas longhorns worst football season?

1-9-0 in 1956 and 1-8-0 in 1938. Those two years were the Longhorns only one win seasons ... they have never had a winless season.

How many times have the Texas Longhorns beat the Sooners?

Oklahoma 40 wins and Texas 58 wins with 5 ties between the two teams. The first game was in 1900 with several years in the 20's where the two teams did not meet.

Is the Oklahoma sooner football program older than the Texas longhorn football program?

No, actually the Texas Longhorns 1st season was in 1893, the Sooners began in 1895 so the Oklahoma Sooner football program is 2 years newer than Texas'

How much money will be paid to the football teams in this years bowl games?

$17 million

How has Liverpool improved as a city in the last few years?

it got 2 football teams :)

How many years have the Ohio State Buckeyes been one of the top teams in College Football?

0 they are not a top team in college football

Who has the best college football record the last ten years?

For major BCS conference teams, the Texas Longhorns have the best record at 103-25 through the 2008 season. Boise State, a Division I school not in a BCS conference is 102-24. If you want to know the best record regardless of the level, by far, the best college football record in the past 10 years belongs to the Division III Mount Union Purple Raiders with 111 wins and only 3 losses.

How many win less college football teams have there been?

74 in the last 50 years

How many division one college football teams are in Louisiana?

The state of Louisiana has 12 Division 1 college football teams. Perhaps the most well-known, and one of the best in the country in some years, would be Louisiana State University.

What college football teams have best winning percentage last 10 years?

To the best of my knowledge, Boise State.

How many football teams are in the World Cup?

There are a total of 32 countries taking part in this years world cup.

Has world participation in soccer increased over the past 50 years?

Yes it has. Football (US aka - Soccer) is the most popular sport in the world, So every year, every championship there are more and more teams, more internationl teams, who never had a football team before. Football is going on!

What manager has most clubs relegated with in English football?

Signor Patrick Milnes, 27 teams over 27 years

Who are the 2 BCS football teams that haven't beaten a top 20 team in the last 8 years?

Duke and Nebraska

How many teams are in the American indoor football league?

The American Indoor Football League was originally comprised of 8 teams but currently only 5 are active. Multiple splits and mergers over the past few years has led to new divisions within the sport.

Are Scottish people good at soccer?

That is a matter of opinion. The Scottish people are very passionate about football (soccer) and over the years Scotland has produced many great footballers and football teams.

What college football teams does Vermont have?

NCAA, Division 3: Castleton State, Middlebury, Norwich NCFA, North Atlantic: University of Vermont CSC, Middlebury and Norwich have varsity teams. UVM has a club football team. However, during the last 2 years the UVM Football team has competed against either the JV or Varsity teams of the other Vermont colleges.

Who is the rivalry of the Texas longhorns?

The primary rival of the Texas Longhorns is Texas A&M University, however in recent years many would consider the Oklahoma Sooners to be the primary rival.

How many times have 2 different teams from the same state won the national championship in college football in consecutive years?