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Q: This word starts with an S It is a valuable metal The second-best athlete in each event receives an object coated with this metal What is this metal?
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This word starts with a G and its a metal the top athlete in each event receives an object coated with this metal what is this metal?


What was the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier first bred for?

Very first developed in Ireland, the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier served numerous valuable functions for its earlier owners. They were frequently provided responsibility for herding, for searching, and for guarding farms.

What is a sentence for coated?

He coated the chicken breast in breadcrumbs.She was absolutely coated in mud after the walk.

What does ep mean in gold?

The letters ep mean 'electro-plating'. It's where a piece of jewellery is made from a less valuable metal (silver for example) and then coated in a more expensive metal like gold.

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The mummies of Egypt were coated in solid gold.

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About 50%, if there are no other genes available.

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Why Is the Crow Black-Coated was created in 1956.

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Spam coated with egg

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The rack is not made from powder coated steel bars, rather they are enamel coated.

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Coated paper is used for high quality printing used in packaging industry and in magazines. These pages look nicer and are more durable.