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1935, 1945, 1968, and 1984

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Q: The year Detroit Tigers won world series?
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What year did the Detroit Tigers win their 4th World Series title?

The Detroit Tigers last won the World Series in 1984.

In what year did Curtis Granderson play in his first baseball World Series?

2006 for the Detroit Tigers.

What is the last year the cubs were in the world series?

In 1945. The Cubs lost to the Detroit Tigers in seven games.

How many years did randy oneal pitch for a world series winning team?

One year... 1984 Detroit Tigers!

What team won the 2006 year baseball World Series?

the Detroit Tigers Don't I wish -- the Tigers lost to the Saint Louis Cardinals in five games.

What year did the Detroit Tigers win their first championship?

The Tigers won their first American League championship in 1907 and their first World Series championship in 1935.

How many World Series have the Chicago Cubs won and what year?

The Chicago Cubs have won two world series the first was in 1907 when they faced the Detroit tigers and won 4 games to 0 and in 1908 they again faced the Detroit tigers and won 4 games to 1.

What pitcher won game 4 in the world series this year?

San Francisco Giants pitcher Matt Cain won game 4 of the World Series to sweep the Detroit Tigers.

Can Detroit Tigers win the world series this year?

Probably not in 2012. It's hard to come back from a 4 games to none deficit.

What franchise has won the World Series ten times?

With last year's victory over the Detroit Tigers, the St. Louis Cardinals record in the World Series is now 10 wins and 7 losses.

What was the last year that the St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series?

As of the 2008 season, the last seasion the Cardinals won the World Series was 2006 when they defeated the Detroit Tigers 4 games to 1.

What month day year did the Chicago Cubs last win the world serires?

The Cubs completed their victory over the Detroit Tigers in the 1908 World Series on October 14 of that year. In the last two games, the Tigers managed a grand total of seven hits.

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