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About 120 to buy. Its worth about 100, but you could only sell it at 80 or 90.

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Q: The value of tippman 98 custom paintball gun?
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What is a good paintball gun for begginers?

TIPPMAN 98 CUSTOM OR TIPPMAN 98 custom pro Thes are the same gun but the pro has upgrades. This gun is the most customizable gun out there everyone says there are sooooo many upgrades. it is great for just shooting around with friends or for woodsball. if you go to arena's with like reall paintball barriers you might want some kind of ion ive heard the smart parts ion is great. but the tippman is probraly your best bet cause its cheap even thought its one of the higher end guns I have a tippman 98 and i love it.

What is a good paintball gun for a beginner?

A very reliable gun that is at a cheap price is the JT Outkast. I highly recommend this for beginners. But if you were willing to spend a little bit, go with a Tippman 98 Custom.

What is the best semi-automatic paintball gun?

Tippman 98 custom with an aftermarket semi-auto trigger. Its just an extremely rugged gun that has the ability to pack alot of punch. However, it is personal preference.

How much psi does a tippman 98 paintball gun have?

800-850 psi operating pressure

What's the most expensive paintball gun that Tippman offers available online?

Tippmann offers a number of different paintball guns with an expensive price tag. Tippman's most expensive paintball gun is currently the X7 Phenom Assault Edition that is priced at four hundred and forty nine dollars.

What is an 18yr old tippman prolite paintball gun worth?

Sadly not that much. To the point where it may not even be worth it. Tippmann have a poor resale value, and the prolite are no different.

How far does a tippman 98 shoot a paintball?

around 300 feet, the same an nearly every other gun.

What is a better paintball gun a tippman 98 or a spyder victor 2?

Tippmann 98, very durable and easy to fix.

Who made the tippmann 98 custom paintball gun?

Dennis Tippmann is the founder of Tippmann paintball.

Will a tippmann 98 custom pro paintball gun fit the exact same response trigger as a tippmann a5 paintball gun?

No, they will not both fit unless you have it custom fitted.

How do you take the feedneck off the tippman bravo one paintball gun?

press down on the front sight and turn the hopper downwards

What is the best inexpensive paintball gun?

If you are worried about price and you havent even paid for a paintball gun yet then paintball may not be for you. Paintball is a very expensive "sport". Paintballs, C02, Gear, and much more is going to cost you money ....ANSWER---If you are going to buy a paintball marker get a tippman. You will get a gun that works really well and lasts for a long time. Buying a CHEAP gun is not going to do you any good in the paintball world.

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