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it should depend if they are being crulely trained then yes

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it sure should! that is because we will have an animal free planet. how boring. how sad. how bad!!!!

yes absolutley.

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Q: The use of animals in sports should be banned?
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Should the use of animals in sports and entertainment be banned?

no because some animals are good at sports and it probably makes the happy

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The chronicles of narnia?

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How is steroid use in animals?

in sports involving animals they give animals more endurance speed and energy

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Should humans have the right to use animals for their own use?

Personaly i think it depends on A. How you treat them and B. Why they are belonging to you. A horse (for example) that is looked after well and exersised regularly with a large paddok i think is perfectly exeptable. Although , also completely in my opinion, i think it is VERY wrong to do testing on animals and people who negect animals should be banned from being given the responsablity of an animals well being and health.

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No "girls sports" is correct.

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There is a thing called faux furs why not use those why do you have to take an animals life for a coat there is no difference between the two except many animals are being killed from real furs. I think we should ONLY use FAKE furs to save many animal lives'

Should you use animals for scientific research?

If you do not harm the animals than yes you should.