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If the ball landed behind home plate, it is already a foul ball, even if it rolls back into fair territory.

If the batter already has 2 strikes and then the ball is bunted foul, it's an out.

The above answer is wrong. If a batted ball lands behind home plate but rolls forward and settles on the plate or in front of the plate, it is a fair ball.

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Q: The umpire calls a ball batted behind homeplate a foul ball. The ball spins back onto homeplate without being touched. Is the ball fair or foul?
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Ball is hit behind batter and spins to the front of batte fair or foul?

Not sure just exactly what your question is, but I think you're asking if a batted ball hits behind the batter and spins onto fair territory, is it fair or foul. Answer: provided it was not touched by any one or any thing, it would be a fair ball. Inside first and third base, a ball is determined to be fair or foul by where it comes to rest or where it is first touched.

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