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soccer is great cardiovascular exercise because it involves lots of running

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Q: The type of exercise you get while playing soccer?
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exercise yes i know that but what type of exercises?

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I think what would make a child loose more weight would e playing soccer everyday at recess

What type of injuries usually result from overusing one area of the body while playing a sport or exercise over a long period?

Chronic for A+

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Type II diabetes is commonly associated with obese or overweight people because the fat within their bodies can hijack the insulin signalling pathway making cells insensitive to insulin. Soccer as a form of exercise can reduce the amount of fat (adipose tissue).

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Is it safe for a pregnant woman in her second trimester to exercise for up to 20 minutes while lying on her back?

Pregnant women who are healthy should be able to exercise. You should check with your doctor to be sure the type of exercise you want to do is safe.

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