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1. Academy of Dance 2. Abby lee miller dance company 3. Stars 4. Absolute dance 5. Idk

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Q: The top 10 dance studio in US?
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I go to a dance studio in Fort Collins, CO and it is called The Studio. It is Christian based. It Rocks!

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academy of dance arts

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At the dance studio i go to, they have springs underneath the floors and they help us immensly with our joints. The main purpose of the floors is to cushion the bouncing and slamming that happens over and over again when dancing. Dance floors also have specific coverings that prevent a dance from slipping.

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What is scoil rince ni chiara?

Scoil Rince Ni Chiara is an Irish Dance studio in Columbus, Ohio. The instructor, Muirrean Ni Chiara, was born in Tippary, Ireland and moved to the US at age 20 and has many degrees in dance and arts . (:

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