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Q: The term 16 yards hit is associated with which game?
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With what is the term 'hitting the circuit' is the term associated?

Baseball, when you hit every possible hit (single,double,homerun,etc)

Who hit first home run at camden yards?

The first home run hit in a regular season game at the Yards was by Paul Sorrento of the Cleveland Indians off of Orioles pitcher Bob Milacki on April 8, 1992.

Which player got both the first base hit and home run in Camden yards?

Paul Sorrento of the Cleveland Indians. The first base hit was a single by Sorrento in the second inning of the first game played at The Yards on April 6, 1992. The first home run was by Sorrento in the first inning of the second game played at The Yards on April 8, 1992.

Can you hit a golf ball a hundred yards?

If I absolutely lash it. Most amateur golfers would hit a sandwedge 100 yards, and a driver about 220-250 yards.

The term cue is related to which game?

Snooker or pool. It is the stick that you use to hit the ball.

What is the range of a new 22 caliber air rifle?

The more power full rifles are good for hunting small game as far as 40 to 50 yards. I have seen them hit targets out to 100 yards.

A 22 rifle sighted in at 25 yards will hit where at 50 yards?

Below the aiming spot.

What was the world record baseball hit for a twelve year old?

42 yards 42 yards

What is the furthest a batted ball can be hit in yards?

About 150 yards. Remember you can hit a golf ball out of most major league parks with an 8 iron.

How far can you hit with a 64 degree lob wedge?

I hit mine about 70 yards consistently

How big was the ice berg the titanic hit?

200 yards

Who hit the longest drive?

Tiger woods 476 yards

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