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In a way. The shaolin temple in china trained the monks living there. Hence they were the shaolin monks not the Buddhist monks. While they both believed in peace and not fighting they were not the same religion.

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Q: The shaolin temple in china trained Buddhist monks in the martial arts true or false?
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What is a shaolin monk?

A Shaolin monk is a Buddhist priest trained in the art of Kung-fu. They trained at the Shaolin Temple in china.

Did the shao lin temple train budhist in the martial arts?

Yes, the Shaolin Temple trained Buddhist monks in kung fu. They actually still do and a limited number of people can train there today.

What is the Shaolin Temple used for?

The Shaolin Temple, also the Shaolin Monastery, is a Buddhist temple and has been famous for centuries for its association with Chinese Martial Arts, in particular Shaolin King Fu. It is probably the best known Mahayana Buddhist Monastery to the Western World. I hope that answers your question : D

Who are shaolin priests?

Shaolin priests are ordained Buddhist monks at the Shaolin Temple in Mt. Song of Henan Province, China. There is a religious class and a martial class of monks. The martial monks are famous throughout the world because they are highly proficient in Chinese boxing.

Did the shaolin temple in china train Buddhist monks in martial arts?

Yes. Many styles drew influence from learning it from Shaolin temple. The style I study, Okinawan Shorin-Ryu has a lot of Chinese influence. In fact, "Shorin" was translated to Japanese from the Chinese word "Shaolin".

Which is bigger Shaolin Temple or karnak temple?

The Karnak Temple is bigger than Shaolin Temple.

When did Shaolin?

It is a temple in China that is 1500 years old. It is the birthplace of Zen Buddhism and kung fu Martial Arts.

Which martial art is associated with the Shaolin Temple?

ITs Kung Fu. The Shaolin monks were reputed to be masters of this art and although they studied it to a high level it was only used to protect and defend.

When did Shaolin start?

It is a temple in China that is 1500 years old. It is the birthplace of Zen Buddhism and kung fu martial arts.

When was Shaolin Temple UK created?

Shaolin Temple UK was created in 2000.

What are the Shaolin monks most known for?

The Shaolin Monastery is a Buddhist temple located in Henan province in China. The Shaolin monks are probably most known for their style of kung fu, which has featured significantly in American and Western popular culture.

How many Buddhist temples are there in China?

About 1 million to 1.5millions. There is one main temple and other smaller temples. This one temple is known as shaolin. The other smaller temples, other than shaolin are newer. But the original temple was burnt down two times and was rebuilt.

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