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a sore expect on each hole of a Golf game is a

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Q: The score golfers expect on each hole of a golf game?
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What are the basic forms of playing golf?

In match play, two players (or two teams) play each hole as a separate contest against each other. The party with the lower score wins that hole, or if the scores of both players or teams are equal the hole is "halved" (drawn). The game is won by the party that wins more holes than the other. In stroke play the score achieved for each and every hole of the round or tournament is added to produce the total score, and the player with the lowest score wins (Stroke play is the game most usually played by professional golfers). In a skins game, golfers compete on each hole, as a separate contest. Played for prize money on the professional level or as a means of a wager for amateurs, a skin, or the prize money assigned to each hole, carries over to subsequent holes if the hole is tied.

What are handicaps?

In order to allow new and poorer golfers to play with experienced and skilled golfer's their difference is more equalized by subtracting strokes from the poorer golfers score and perhaps adding some to the better golfer's score. The equalizing amount subtracted or added is called the player's handicap.Calculating a handicap is a little involved and is done different in different places. Think of it as taking the average strokes professional golfers take to complete a given golf course, and subtract this number from the ordinary player's score. Some percentage of this difference is the player's handicap and it will be subtracted from (or added to) his score for the game that day.Professional golfers at tournaments don't have handicaps. The play Scratch, meaning their actual strokes is their score -- no handicap.

What is the motto of Professional Golfers' Association of America?

Professional Golfers' Association of America's motto is 'Experts in the game and business of golf'.

What is the part of speech is score?

The word 'score' is both a verb and a noun.Examples:With practice you will score more points each game. (verb)The score is 30-10 at this point. (noun)

Do servers call out the score before each serve in tennis?

It is the obligation of a server to announce the game score prior to the start of each point In a game during an unofficiated tennis match. The server normally announces his or her score before announcing the score of the receiver. The game count is announced by the server prior to the start of the first point of a new game. The set score is announced by the server prior to the the start of the first point in the first game of each new set. The server can discuss these scores with the receiver and the receiver can dispute the scores. It is up to the server to call the score correctly. The announcement of the score as made by the server after each point of a game is supposed to be final. Any dispute should be taken up with the persons in charge during tournament play.

What If the score is deuce in a tennis game how many points does each side have?

3 Points

How do you submit your score on millsberry?

after the game is finished you have to click on submit score or send score and if the game is not over yet and you want to quit the game and submit the score how it is then you click end game then send score or submit score.

What is the purpose of Hypnosis?

Golf hypnosis is often used by golfers to improve their golf game. Some believe the calming affects of being hypnotized help with concentration and positive messaging to improve ones golf score.

Who are the officiating officials in dart game?

In the professional game, there is a referee - who calls the scores. And each player has a scorer who keeps their score.

In table tennis what does one player have to score to win the game?

A game of table tennis is the first player to score 11 points. However if the score reaches 10 points each, a player must then win by two clear points.

What was the score to the new England vs. ravens game in 2008?

They did not play each other in 2008.

What is the purpose of golf hypnosis?

Golf hypnosis is often used by golfers to improve their golf game. Some believe the calming affects of being hypnotized help with concentration and positive messaging to improve ones golf score.

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