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the home teams side and the away side, at each quarter they switch sides

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Q: The playing field is divided into 2 fields what are they?
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How many inches are in two football fields?

Two football fields are 7,200 inches long, if you count one football field as 100 yards. 2 football fields x 100 yards per football field x 3 feet in a yard x 12 inches in a foot = 7200 inches.

How many football fields are in 0.80 square kilometers?

A football field is 6400 yd^2, which, in square kilometers, is around 0.0054. 0.8/0.0054 = 148. You could fit 148 football fields into 0.8 km^2

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One whole field with some room left over.

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How big is 2 football fields in square miles dont confuse me?

I guess you mean American football fields (base on use of "Fields" as opposed to "Pitches"). Assuming you mean the playing area including end zones, then: The field is 360ft long x 160ft wide meaning the area of 2 of them is area = 2 x 360ft x 160ft = 115,200ft2 1 mile = 5280ft, so 1 sq mile = 5280ft x 5280ft = 278,784,000ft2 So for 2 football fields area = 115,200ft2 = 115200 ÷ 278784000 sq miles ~=0.0041 square miles.

How many acres in baseball field?

There is about 2 acres in foul territory on a baseball fields with left field and right field walls 300 feet from home plate and dead center 400 feet from home plate. This is about the size of a typical major league baseball field, but there isn't any standard for the outfield dimensions. Many outfield walls are positioned to fit within the confines of a downtown construction, or are just built with irregularities to fit with the traditional look of old ballparks that had obscure dimensions. If you know the dimensions of the of the ballpark, with a little geometry you can figure the surface area of the playing surface. The surface area of the playing surface in square feet divided by 43,560 will give you the acres for the baseball field.

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What were the fielding stats for baseball player Josh Fields playing at left field for the Chicago White Sox in 2007?

Josh Fields played in 21 games at left field for the Chicago White Sox in 2007, starting in all of them. He played for a total of 538 outs, equivalent to 19.93 9-inning games. He made 34 putouts, had 2 assists, and committed 2 errors, equivalent to .1 errors per 9-inning game. He had no double plays.

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