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cheaters Arizona

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Q: The of the air at the football game made everyone huddle together?
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Why was the huddle in football formed?

Because once their was a game in high school football between a deaf school and a normal high school. When the deaf school were choosing their plays they were deaf so they had to communicate using hand language but the other team could see what plays they were doing. So then the huddle was formed to hide what teams plan to do.

How was a huddle discovered or maybe formed?

Lafayette College in Pennsylvania is accredited with the first known use of the huddle, in 1926. From the first college football game to the 1890s, players discussed the plays away from the line of scrimmage in an unorganized way, much like college football itself was. From then to the 1920s, hand signals were used in the same form, but was ineffective, because the opposing team could easily learn plays. From then on, football became more popular, and so did the huddle, and teams stopped using signals and would instead communicate the play in the huddle.

Who is the best football team in English football?

Chelsea is obvisouly, everyone knows that! Blue is the colour, football is the game!

What is the football huddle chant?

If the huddle looks like two lines with the recivers and the qb in front, the lineman get into a 2-point stance while the backs and tight end are behind them. The qb calls the play and the cadence (on one/two etc). The first time he calls it the center sprints to the line of scrimmage along with the recivers and on the second call the rest of the team sprints out to their position.

Sports played in Peru?

they play football in Peru and that game where everyone kills each other

What is the longest any team has used a no huddle offense during a game of play?

The Colts, they don't play in a huddle, Peyton Manning calls the play on the line.

Facts in 1890?

The first professional football game was played in 1895PLEASE ADD MORE FACTS EVERYONE : )

What should they of done with Armando Galarraga's imperfect game?

The people should of showed to replay of the play on the big screen and then the umpires should of came together in a huddle and could of secreatly looked at the screen and call him out....and then there would be ur perfect game

When in football can continuous training benefit a performer?

In long periods of the game and at the end of the game when everyone else if blowing out of their backside you can go that extra few minutes enabling you to complete the game.

Is football better than Yu-Gi-Oh?

What kind of question is this? More people have heard of football and everyone watches the Super Bowl. Yugioh & football are totaly 2 different thing; Yugioh is a card game & football is a sport. More people know of football so football.

Why wasnt holden at the big football l game?

Holden was not at the big football game because he had just come back from New York with the fencing team and he left all their equipment on the train. Everyone was madd at him and he did not want to face that shame sitting with them

Where can you play flag football?

You can play flag football almost anywhere. If you want an official game just mark the field with cones. flag football is played in a yard or as if tornorment