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Q: The number ten jersey usually plays what position in professional soccer?
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What position does a professional soccer player play if he is wearing the number 10 jersey?

Usually attacking midfield, the "number 10" is usually the most dynamic player on his respective team

What position does a professional soccer player play if he is wearing the number 6 jersey?


What position in rugby would wear number 16 reserve jersey?

Reseves can occupy and number. However the number 16 jersey is usually occupied by a player in the front row, more commonly by a hooker

What good professional soccer player has the jersey number 9?

Fernando Torres.

Which position's player in soccer generally wear number 7 jersey?

Center Middlefilder

What jersey number has never been worn by a professional athlete?

I'm guessing 69 haha

Who on the Utah Utes football team has number 3 on their jersey?

Brian Johnson is number 3, position, QB

What is the jersey number of Alfonso Thomas?

Alfonso Thomas is a professional cricket player. Thomas played for the Somerset County Cricket Club and began his career in 1988. His jersey number was 8.

What number represents the small forward position?

If you are talking bout what number out of the 5 positions suits the small forward position it is the number 3. but if you are talking bout what jersey number you have to look at the nba jersey number but i would say the best number to suit a small forward is any number from 10 to 25 but i would say about 12 or 14

Where does number 6 play in softball?

Well if your team number (the one on the back of your jersey) that usually has nothing to do with which position you play. If you are referring to keeping the 'book' and pitcher is 1 catcher is 2 and such, 6 would be 3rd base I believe.

What rugby position does Sebastian chabal play?

Usually number 8

What position does number one play on the Tampa Bay Rays?

Im guessing your talking about Sean Rodriguez, which wears number 1 as his jersey number. He plays at second base.