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Correct. And the team that wins the Stanley Cup gets last pick.

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Q: The nhl team with the worst record get first pick in the draft?
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How is the order for the 2008 NFL draft determined?

The team with the worst record get the first overall pick and so on.

Who get nfl first draft pick of 2011-2012?

It will be the team with the worst record, barring a trade or penalty.

How do they select the team for number one draft pick?

The team that has the worst record for the season is awarded the #1 draft pick.

What team has first pick in the next years nfl draft?

The team with the worst regular season record (unless there is an expansion team, in which case the expansion team will pick first). In 2010 the St Louis Rams will have first pick.

Who is the worst NBA draft pick?

Gilbert Arenas

What team all ways pick first in the draft?

The team that finishedwith the worst recordin the previous season.

Who was the first pick in the 1969 NFL Draft?

O.J. Simpson was the 1969 first pick in the draft

What are the rules of the NFL draft?

Well, In the first round each team gets 10 mins to select their pick. The first team, which had the worst record from the previous year, goes first. They pick then the second and so on. In rounds 2-7 each team gets 5 mins to select their player. Teams can trade picks during the draft for other picks and players.

Was Peyton Manning a first round draft pick?

Yes, he was the first overall pick in the 1998 NFL Draft

Who was the first draft pick in 1998?

Peyton Manning was the first pick.

What number draft pick was Brian Urlacher in the 2000 draft?

9th pick in the first round

Who was the first pick by the Miami Heat in the 1988 expansion draft?

Who was the first pick by the Miami Heat in the 1988 expansion draft

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