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It is Liverpool football club with 18 league cups 5 champion league and f.A cups as well.

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Q: The most successful team in England?
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Who Is The most successful football team in England?

I think Liverpool FC

Who is the most succesful football team in England?

Liverppol Fc are the most successful club side in the history of the game

Who is the most successful professional soccer team in the world?

The most successful profession team is the Brazalian team.

Most succesfull English football team?

Manchester United is the most successful English Football Team. They have won 62 major trophies in England alone in the history of the team.

What is the most successful Arkansas football team?

The Arkansas Razorbacks from the University of Arkansas are the most successful Arkansas football team. Arkansas does not have a National Football team, therefore the most successful team would be a college team.

Who is the least successful football team in England?

accrington stanley

Most successful NBA team?

Boston Celtics are the most successful NBA Team with 17 Championships, as of 2009.

List of most successful football clubs in England?

The three most successful clubs in England are Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal.

What is the most successful team in baseball?

The Yankees are the all-time most successful team with 26 world series championships.

Which team is the most successful soccer team ever?


Guinness World Records most successful sports team ever?

The two most successful sports franchise world wide are the New York Yankees of American Major League Baseball, and the Manchester United soccer club in England. Edit: Manchester United aren't even the most successful English team, that is Liverpool FC. In Europe, Real Madrid are considered the most successful with FIFA voting them the most successful club of the 20th century.

What is the most successful team in basketball?


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