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it is chosen in advance because legend has it that the Greek god Zeus would tell the Greeks 7 years before they were held what city it would occur in.

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Q: The host city is chosen 7 years in advance Why?
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Why was Mexico city chosen to host the 1968 Olympics?

because it was

What happens if the football team of the host city of the Super Bowl makes it to the Super Bowl?

Since the game is awarded to a city four years in advance, there is no way of knowing how good that city's team will be. They will play the game as scheduled.

Which city was recently chosen to host the summer 2016 Olympic games?

London, United Kingdom, will host the 2012 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games. London, England

What happens if for some reason the chosen city cannot host the Olympics?

if a city can not host the Olympics it goes back to the previous host city i.e. if sochi can not host the 2014 winter Olympics it goes back to Vancouver if London is unable to host the 2012 Olympics it goes back to Beijing

What year was this years host city elected to host the Olympics?

in your ash

Which city is chosen by the international olympic committee at host city for 2016 olympic games?

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Why was Newport chosen as the host city for the Ryder CUp?

The Ryder Cup is not like the Olympics, a golf course is chosen, not the city. Celtic Manor is a beautiful championship golf course which has held European Tour events, so it was chosen out of the applicants.

Where will the next summer Olympics?

The next host city of the Olympics will be Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, The cities and countries that host the Olympics are decided well in advance.

Which country is chosen by the international olympics commitee as the host city for the 2016 olympics?

Rio de jenerio brazil

What country was chosen to host the 2010 Commonwealth Games?

India was chosen to host the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

How many years before an Olympic games is a city notified that it will host them?

4 years

In which year did chirschurch host the commonwealth games?

Christchurch hosted the Commonwealth Games (then known as the British Commonwealth Games) in 1974 from January 24th to February 2.Christchurch was chosen as the host city at the Mexico City Olympics.