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Rhythmic gymnastics.

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2010-05-27 20:14:09
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Q: The hoop ball clubs ribbon are all used in what gymnastics?
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What are the rhythmic gymnastics events?

Hoop, ball, ribbon, rope, clubs

What instruments are used in rhythmic gymnastics?

Ball, hoop, clubs, ribbon, and rope.

The hoop ball clubs ribbon are all used in what gymnastics slide2?


The hoop ball clubs and ribbon are used in------------- gymnastics?


What are the pieces of a gymnast apparatus?

in rhythmic gymnastics there is rope, hoop, ball, ribbon and clubs.

What are the different rhythmic gymnastics?

There are five pieces of apparatus in Rhythmic Gymnastics, *Hoop *Ball *Ribbon *Rope *Clubs

What equipment do you need for women's rhytmic gymnastics?

A ball, rope, hoop, ribbon (with a stick), and clubs

What equipment need rhythmic gymnastics?

Hoop, Ball, Clubs, Ribbon, Ribbon stick, Rope, Half shoes, and a competition leo.

What are the different equipments in rhythmic gymnastics?

There are 5 different pieces of equipment that is used. These are: Hoop, Rope, Clubs, Ball and Ribbon.

Basic positions in rhytmic gymnastics?

There are a number of apparatuses used in rhythmic gymnastics. Some of these positions include the ball, hoop, ribbon, clubs, as well as rope.

What type of gymnastics is the hoop ball club and ribbon used in?

They are used in rhythmic gymnastics.

What piece of equipment recently had a name change in gymnastics?

I'll just tell you the names of the equipment: HOOP, CLUBS, ROPE, RIBBON, AND BALL.

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