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Los Angeles

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Q: The home of the dodgers and the lakers?
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What color is the home jerseys for the Lakers?

The home color of the Lakers is yellow!!

Is LA Lakers NY Mets LA Dodgers a function?


Who is worth more money the Lakers or the dodgers?

According to, the Lakers current value is $2.6 billion, calculated in January 2015. The Dodgers current value is $2.4 billion, calculated in March 2015, making them valued slightly less than the Lakers.

What sport teams do Los Angeles have?

the best the only Lakers , Dodgers, angels.

What does Kobe Bryan play on the lakers?

He plays for the dodgers! ..jk for the los angeles lakers obviously hes been playing with the lakers since 1996 he has 13 seasons playing with the lakers and he's only 31`years old!!!!

What are sports teams in Los Angeles from the years 1950-2000?

Lakers, Dodgers and Kings.

What possion are the dodgers?

last place j or -100 lakers are in -100 too ucla sucks go usc

Why is the Los Angeles basketball team named the Dodgers?

The NBA team in Los Angeles, CA is called the Los Angeles Lakers. The Major League Baseball team is called the Dodgers.

What are the Lakers home court name?

Staples Center

How many home courts do the lakers have?

They only have one home court, Staples Center. The Lakers play 41 home games, not including "road" games against the Clippers and playoff games.

What is the average home attendance for the LA Lakers?

The average home game attendance for the LA Lakers during the 2007 - 2008 season was 18,997 fans (11th in the league).

Did the Lakers win at home for 2002 finals or in NJ?

The Lakers swept the NJ Nets, winning the last game in NJ

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