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History has not recorded who invented the bat. The bat has been needed for the game since its invention and early bats were made by private woodworkers.

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Q: The genius that invented the baseball bat?
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How was the baseball bat invented?

how was the baseball bat originally invented

Who invented the composite baseball bat?

who evented the composite baseball bat

What country was the bat used for baseball invented in?

A bat is, essentially, a round stick. I'm not sure it needed to be "invented."

Who invented the aluminum baseball bat?

The first aluminum baseball bat was created in the year 1924. The inventor of the bat was named William Shroyer.

Why was the baseball bat invented?

It was invented so that when playing baseball the players could hit the baseball with something to score runs.

What town or city was the baseball bat invented?


Who and when invented the wooden baseball bat?

NO you little chicken licker

What sport invollving a bat and ball was invented in the UK?


Who invented the basball bat?

The first metal bat was invented in 1924 by William Shroyer but wasn't used until 1970 to do the development of stronger aluminum. The first wood bat was invented in the 14th century in Russia because of a similar game to baseball and no one person is credited.

When was the baseball bat invented?

whe the regular stick couldn't hit the ball

Where was the baseball bat invented?

Louisville Kansas

Who invented the electric baseball bat?

Active Control eXperts Inc in 1998.

Who invented aluminum baseball bats?

The aluminum bat was invented by William Shroyer. He received his patent for the bat in 1924. However, they did not become popular with youth and college players until the 1970s.

What year was the first wood baseball bat invented?

I think in the 1970's :-D

What object is about 1 meter long?

a baseball bat

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Were would i find who invented the baseball?

Thought it was once believed that Abner Doubleday invented baseball, that theory has been all but dismissed. It is more likely that baseball formed as a variation of cricket and other bat-and-ball sports.

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Who invented the corked bat?

no one knows who ever invented most likely played in pro baseball and thats why he would not say he invented because if he is a hall of famer he is out or u will loose his respect

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Is the baseball term at bat or at the bat?

its at bat

Would you weigh a baseball bat in grams or kilograms?

You would weigh a baseball bat in kilograms.

Describe how a baseball bat is a lever?

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