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The fourth player in a Baseball batting rotation is traditionally called the "cleanup hitter". He is generally someone who hits for power and has the ability to hit lots of homeruns. That way he can clean the bases if any of the first three batters (usually good at getting base hits) gets on base.

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Q: The fourth player in the batting order?
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What is the nickname for the fourth player in the batting order?

cleanup hitter

Why did Lou Gehrig wear number 4?

When the New York Yankees started putting numbers on their uniforms, they used the numbers 1-8 for the players that were starters. The number of the player corresponded to the position in the batting order that the player hit. Lou Gehrig hit fourth in the batting order, so he was given #4. Babe Ruth hit third in the batting order, so he was given #3.

What is fourth in the batting order called?

In baseball, the 4th batter in the lineup is called the 'cleanup' batter.

If you switch positions does the batting order change?

No, once a player has been placed in the batting order they stay in that position regardless of what defensive position they may play or be moved to.

What does EH stand for in little league baseball?

Extra Hitter. Player hits in batting order but is not in the field.

What is the position flex in softball?

It is the 10th spot in the batting order of a player that only plays defense but does not bat.

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Which former New York Yankee wore number 4?

Lou Gehrig. The Yankees were the first team to use numbers, and originally used where the player hit in the batting order. Ruth batted third and Gehrig fourth, and thus were numbers 3 and 4. Both numbers are retired.

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