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5-0 to Barcelona !! GO BARCELONA

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โˆ™ 2007-08-31 17:36:02
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Q: The final score with fc Barcelona vs inter milan?
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When was the last time AC Milan beat Inter Milan?

The last time AC Milan beat Inter Milan was on November 14, 2010. The final score was 1-0. Former Inter player Zlaten Ibrahimovic scored the decisive goal in the 5th minute by a penatly given by a foul by current player Marco Materazzi.

Liverpools first ever season in Europe ended by inter Milan in the semis but wot was the aggregate score?

4-3 Inter milan

What was the score of Chelsea inter millan?

Inter Milan beat Chelsea by 1-0 in the second leg of the champion league.

How many goals did Luis Figo score for inter milan?

9 goals in 105 appearances.

How are away goals counted in football?

Generally away goals are counted like home goals. Only in Play-Off like cup competitions they have an importance. In Champions League in the aggregate rounds for example, the teams have one home game and one away game. If the addition of the goals over both teams is equal, the away goal counts. For example: Inter Milan won against Barcelona at home 3:1 If Barcelona had won their home game 2:0 against Inter, the addition is 3:3. In this case Barcelona would have been in the next round, because they shoot a goal in Milan. But Barcelona just won 1:0. The addition is 3:2 for Milan, so Milan reached the final. If the score in Barcelona would be 3:1 for Barcelona, the addition would be 4:4 and the away goals are the same, then there would have been an Overtime.

How many goals did kuyt score in the 2007 champions lleague final?

1. Final score 2-1 to AC Milan.

Did Henry ever score in champions league final?

Yes Henry did score the goal for arsenal in the 2006 final verses Barcelona but they lost 2-1 to Barcelona. i think sol Campbell scored that particular goal

Who was the last person to score a hat trick against Inter Milan at San Siro before Garth Bale?


How many goal s does inter milan have to score to draw against schalke?

a repeat of the 5-2 scoreline would do it

Who was the last person to score a hat trick against Inter Milan at San Siro before Gareth Bale?

It was henry.

When did AC Milan last win the Champions League?

They beat Liverpool in the Final in 2007. The score was AC Milan 2- Liverpool 1. It was a repeat of the 2005 final which Liverpool won.

FA Cup Final 2009?

It was Barcelona with a 2-0 score against Manchester United

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