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Jack Bionda

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โˆ™ 2009-10-22 00:14:59
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Q: The father of modern lacrosse is?
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Who is known as the father of modern lacrosse?

There is no "Father of Modern Lacrosse". Lacrosse was first documented as an Indian game as an act of valor. Hundreds of men in a tribe would play lacrosse, much like people do now, except it was far more violent and to win was a show of you strength and manliness.

Is there a way to make a modern wood lacrosse head?


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Galileo is known as the Father of Modern Astronomy, the Father of Modern Science, and the Father of Modern Physics. He is not None for anything.

Who was the father of modern science?

Galileo Galilei is 'the Father of Modern Science'.

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Herodotus , is the fatgher of journaliam .. He is The Modern Father .

Father of modern and classical physics?

father of modern and classical physics?..

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The father of modern Culinary is Auguste Escoffier.

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father of philosophy -SOCRATES father of modern philosophy - RENE DESCARTES

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Leonardo da Vinci is the father of modern helicopters.ANS 2 - Igor Sikosrki is the father of modern helicopters.

Who was the founder of lacrosse?

Lacrosse is a native origin game, it was played to train for war,moarn a death, or honor a god. Lacrosse was first seen and documented by a french soldier who called it lacrosse because of them using sticks. The first person to make a club and might as well be the father of lacrosse was Dr. William George Beers.

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The father of modern democracy was John Locke.

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Christian Arcillas is th Father of MODERN ALGEBRA

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