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Q: The fastest measured speed of a ball in the game jai-alai is In men's tennis the fastest recorded serve was Which is faster?
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What is the Australia's fastest animal?

Australia's fastest animal is the Kangaroo. The fastest recorded speed of a Kangaroo is 70 km/h which is 25 km/h FASTER than the fastest recorded speed of Australia's flightless bird the Emu.

What is faster a cheetah or whippet?

I believe cheetahs are way faster. The fastest recorded speed of any dog is about 51 mph. Cheetahs have been recorded many times over 60 mph

If light is the fastest thing then how the dark get there first?

because darkness is not matter so it cant be measured so light is faster

What speed to do tornadoes go up to?

The highest wind speed ever recorded in a tornado was 302 mph. Other tornadoes, however, may have had faster winds that simply weren't measured. The fastest known forward speed of a tornado was 73 mph.

What is faster The World's Fastest Car or The World's Fastest Roller Coaster?

The world's faster car must be faster than the world's fastest roller coaster.

The fastest measured speed of a ball in the game jai-alai is 256 kilometers per hour In men's tennis the fastest recorded serve was 75.2 meteres per second Which is faster?

75.2 metres/sec = 75.2 x 3600 met/hr = 75.2 x 3.6 km/hr ie 270.72 km/hr

What is the record for a cheetah over 100m?

The fastest recorded so far is 6.13s but it is likely that cheetahs can run much faster than this in the wild.

How fast can the wind blow?

The fastest recorded speed of a wind gust is 318 MPH, although it is possible that the wind is capable of blowing faster.

Which is the fastest flying insect?

The fastest flying insect in the world is the Desert Locust. It is possible that other insects can fly faster, but they have not been accurately measured and confirmed. The Desert Locust has an average flying speed of 33km.

Is the fastest car faster than the fastest bike?


Which Ferrari is faster?

the enzo is the fastest

How many blades does fastest helicopter have?

Helicopters created nowadays generally have 2 or 3 blades. The fastest recorded helicopter has 3 blades. as it revolves more pressure is put forth and therefore the helicopter travels faster

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