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it depend on who it is

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Q: The distance a professional baseball player can throw a baseball?
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How far can a professional baseball player throw a baseball?


How far can a top professional baseball player throw a baseball?


What is the farthest a professional baseball player can throw a baseball?

about 450 feet without bouncing

What is the farthest a baseball bat has been thrown in professional baseball?

probably 90 or 180 feet, nobody can throw the distance of two bases

If Nick can throw a baseball 300 feet how far can he throw a softball?

im not sure what the distance would be but i do know that it would be shorter, it is harder to throw a softball then it is to throw a baseball Disregard the fact that this person answered your question. The correct answer is the same distance as a baseball.

How fast can a professional handball player throw a ball?


Distance from free throw line to backboard?

It is a universal distance of 15 feet from the free throw line to the backboard. This is true in high school, college, and professional basketball in North America.

What qualifications do you need to become a professional rugby player?

have potential and be brave. you got to have alot of ball skills and be able to throw the ball from a far distance. you also have to have good cooperation skills

What are the difference between distance and velocity?

Velocity is how high something goes like if you throw a baseball up. Distance is how far you throw thatbaseball

Who is the oldest professional baseball player to throw a no-hitter?

In MLB, Nolan Ryan of the Texas Rangers on May 1, 1991 against the Toronto Blue Jays at the age of 44.

What is the fastest bone in your body?

The bone in your body that is capable of traveling the fastest in terms of speed of movement would have to be the distal phalanges, the last bones of your hands. If a professional baseball player can throw a baseball in speeds up to about 60 mph, then their fingertips as they are leaving the ball during the throw must be traveling at about that speed.

How far can a baseball player throw?

400 ft

What is the average throwing distance for a high school boys baseball throw?

1 inch

How fast do men pitch in baseball?

It varies from player to player. Some throw in the 70s to the upper 90s.

How far can you throw a baseball and football?

there is no awnser for how far you can throw a baseball football softball...ect. everyone has there own strenght which gives them the ability to throw farther..for example my brother has more muscle so he can through a football a 100ft. but i have less sttrenght and can througha football only 50ft. Many professional baseball and football players can throw a football or baseball father then a child of age 13 or even 18

Why did the baseball player throw a party for the slugs in his backyard garden?

Because he was a slugger.

How fast can a major league baseball player throw?

Average. 15. Year old boys should throw 90 or if not at least 85. If not that just mean he is not a good baseball player mostly slim pimply kids are like 69 to 73

Look at the baseball diamond If a player throws the baseball from 2nd base to home plate how far does he throw it?

121 feet

Who was the first player to throw a curve ball in an NCAA Baseball game?

Fred Godsmith

How far is a high school baseball mound from home plate?

The distance from the pitching rubber to the back tip of home plate in professional, college and high school baseball is 60 ft. 6 in. In some leagues 13-14 will pitch from that same distance, but in some they will throw from 54 ft. as a transition from little league to high school. I would check with your rules for your league and work from there.

How do you make a good player on mlb the show08?

throw out your ps3 or xbox purchase a baseball glove and baseball bat and play baseball without pressing (X)

What is the distance from the backboard to the free-throw line?

The distance from the backboard to the free throw line is 15 feet.

What is the average distance for a proffessional's hammer throw?

the average distance for a male to throw a hammer is aroud 60m

How much schooling do you need to be a professional soccer player?

Very little, probably none at all, but you need to be a great player to become professional and it may never happen unless you are really good so I wouldn't throw out the idea of a good education for football.

What muscles help you throw a baseball?

You use your lat's and tri's do alot of push ups and long distance throwing good luck