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A Forward Pass is passing the football to a teammate in front of you. A Lateral Pass is the player carrying the ball passing the football on side or behind him/her.

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Q: The differences between a forward pass and lateral pass?
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Shortest forward pass in the NFL?

In American football and Canadian football a lateral pass or lateral (officially backward A lateral pass is distinguished from a forward pass, in which the ball is after taking the snap, to quickly transfer. The Canada football is not the NFL. That's what I asked.

What are the rules for lateral passes?

There are no restrictions to a lateral pass. Since a lateral is not considered a forward pass, it cannot be 'incomplete' ... if the ball hits the ground play continues as if the ball was fumbled. If the player that catches the lateral pass is behind the line of scrimmage, they may then attempt a forward pass. While there can be only one forward pass on a play, there may be an unlimited number of lateral passes on a play. Any player on the team may throw a lateral pass and any player on the team may catch a lateral pass.

Is it legal to pass to the running back and then the running back passes to a wide receiver?

Only one forward pass is allowed per play where there is no limit to the number of lateral passes per play (a lateral pass being one that travels parallel or backwards to the line of scrimmage). If the pass to the running back is a lateral pass, the running back is allowed to throw a forward pass to the receiver. If the pass to the running back is a forward pass, the running back is not allowed to throw a forward pass to the receiver.

What is the definition of a lateral in football?

A lateral is a pass that is thrown sideways to or behind the player that throws the pass. This is the opposite of a 'forward pass' which is a pass thrown downfield, or in front of, the player that throws the pass. American football rules state that only one forward pass can be thrown per play. However, there is no limit as to the number of lateral passes that can be thrown per play.

Has the term forward lateral ever appeared in the football rule book?

Not in the NFL rule book. A pass is either forward or backward and there is no mention of the word 'lateral'.

How many different passes can a quarterback throw example lateral long short?

One, forward. A lateral is backwards and is not a pass.

Why isn't a shovel pass a foreward lateral?

A shovel pass isn't thrown from an underhanded position like a lateral. It's flipped out from the center of the chest so it is technically not a lateral but a type of forward pass. A lateral is thrown with an underhanded motion like a soft ball pitch.

Can you name 3 types of passes used in football?

Lateral, spiral, option pass. and I think there are a few more.

Is a center an eligible receiver?

No, not unless the defense tips the ball, or the pass is backwards or lateral. A center is not allowed to receive a forward pass.

Can a runner lateral the ball back to a lineman in football?

Any player can receive a lateral or more formerly a backward pass. So the player does not need to be an eligilable receiver to receive a backward pass, unlike the rules for a forward pass.

Is it illegal to toss the ball underhand in a forward direction?

yes you can Brett favre has done it numerous times If it is the first forward pass or a lateral, yes. There is no difference (in the rules) between passing overhand or underhand.

Do you have to lift your knee before a lateral or forward pass on a fake field goal?

yes they do or it a 15 yrd penalty