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Q: The defence must wait 3 seconds before they can tackle the quarterback?
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In football what does sacks mean?

A sack is when a quarterback is tackled for a loss of yardage.

What are the positions on a nfl pro football teams?

Offence: Quarterback Halfback Fullback Tackle Guard Center Tight End Reciever Defence: Tackle End Cornerback Strong/Free Safety Left outside linebacker Right outside linebacker Middle linebacker

What is it called if defense charges though offensive line to tackle quarterback before he can pass or hand off the ball?

A sack

What do linerbacks do?

line backers block the quarterback to give him time to throw the ball or pass it off. the opposing team tries to get through the linebackers and tackle the quarterback before he can throw/ pass.

What does t stands for in football?

it can mean tackles in stats, and can mean like tackle in positions.

Is a QB kneel a tackle and is a defender credited with it?

No, it is not considered a tackle. Technically when a quarterback goes down behind the line of scrimmage it is considered a sack. However, when a quarterback takes a knee, he is credited with a -1 yard rushing but no defender is credited with the tackle/sack.

What are all the position in football?

OFFENSE Quarterback, running back, wide reicever ,tight end , center, right guard, leftguard,left tackle tackle, fullback ,three back, DEFENCE: middle linebacker ,left linebacker, right linebacker, defencive tackle, nose tackle, defencive end, corner back,strong safety,free safety

What is an RE in football?

RE is a abbreviation of for Right End and there job is to rush the passer, the quarterback, or tackle the running back or tailback before he can gain positive yardage.

What are all of the positions in Tackle Football?

Offence: Wide Reciever, Quarterback, Running Back, Full Back, Left tackle, right tackle, center, right guard, left guard, and tight end. Defence: Left End, Right end, Nose Tackle, Middle Linebacker, Left outside linebacker, right outside linebacker, cornerback, strong safty, and free safety Special Teams: Kicker, Punter, Kick returner, punt returner

Why does left tackle make so much money?

One reason would be that most quarterbacks in the NFL are right handed. The left tackle is responsible for protecting the right handed quarterback's blind side on passing plays unless, of course, the QB is rolling left. Similarly, the right tackle protects the blind side of a left handed quarterback.

What are the positions on offense on a football team?

Quarterback,Halfback, Fullback,Tightend,center,right guard,left guard,right tackle,left tackle, reciever ( X and Z)

What is it called when a player tackles the QB?

A sack. For example: "Although the quarterback scrambled to get out of the pocket, he just couldn't avoid the sack."It's a sack as long as the QB is on his side of the line of scrimmage. If he crosses the line, it becomes an ordinary tackle.