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Q: The country to win Asia cup in cricket more times?
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Which country have won the Cricket world cup more than 2 times?

Australia won the Cricket world cup more than twice.Australia won the cup four times.

Which country has more cricket fans?


What is the name of Asia's airport?

We need more information. Which country in Asia and which city in that country?

Which country has second more cricket stadiums?


Which is more famous baseball or cricket?

Cricket is more famous. Baseball is only played league wise whereas cricket is played between countries. England and Australia are well known countries and both have cricket as their national sport. The U.S is a huge country and there are baseball fans widespread but no big population follows it any where near Europe or Asia

Which country have more cricket stadium?

India have the highest number of cricket stadiums. India have 56 number of cricket stadiums.

What percentage of people in the world like cricket?

the cricket is veru papular in southasia ( Pakistan, India, Srilanka etc ) and every youngester like to play cricket in that country and if you move further and go to Europe side the England is the counrty where cricket is play but not so much because the youngester of that country more interested in football, and Australia, Africa are othere continent where cricket is play. Asia 3% England 1% Australia 2% Africa 2%

Which country has more educational technology?

Probably Asia

Is Sri Lanka in Asia?

Yes. Sri lanka is an Asian country and to be more specific its in South Asia. this is a map of asia.

Who is the present leader of Asia?

Considering that Asia is a continent, you're going to have to be a little more specific. What country?

What is a first class cricket?

Domestic matches of three or more days duration approved by different country's cricket boards under the ICC norms are called the First Class Cricket.

What continent is the yenisei river in?

Asia. More specifically, the country Russia.

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